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Annual Lawn Care Program:  We maintain your lawn all year for a low Monthly Fee.  Included in service is weekly mowing during the peak season and bi-weekly service the rest of the year.  This service includes lawn mowing, fertilization, weed control, trimming hedges, weeding the flower beds and raking leaves.

Weekly Lawn Care:  During the first few weeks of March we cut the grass lower to make room for the new blades of grass.  We will mow twice in March and then weekly from April to the end of Octo+ber. During the Winter months we come out once during December, January and February to touch up the lawn to keep it looking its best throughout the Winter.

Bi-Weekly Lawn Care:  As the name states we will mow once every other week.  Some lawns may require weekly during the peak growing season.  This usually lasts 4-6 weeks from May to June and then we would resume normal Bi-Weekly care.

Fertilization & Weed Control:  This service is optional for weekly or bi-weekly lawn care customers and is included in our Annual Lawn Care Program.  We treat your lawn 6 times per year making sure your lawn is healthy and as weed free as possible.

Seasonal Flowers:  MLC plants flowers both in Spring and Late Fall.  We offer a wide variety of seasonal flowers and will help assist you in selecting the type and color that makes your home more attractive.

Mulch:  All flower beds need Mulch for 3 reasons.  Mulch provides insulation from the extremes of Heat or Cold in Texas, it also prevents weeds from growing and it is decorative.  We offer mulch in different colors including Black Mulch, Red Mulch, Gold Mulch, Cedar and Natural Fine Hardwood Mulch.